Halloween Food Label Ideas

Re-posting this blog from last year.  With Halloween food, those creative name labels can make a difference ...

It's the time of the year again:-)  Last year,  my "Martha Stewartish" friend Jane dressed up her house and the food spread was amazing!  She didn't go overboard preparing those brain jellos but she spiced it up really well by putting name tags on the food which were adorably ghoulish!  Kids and adults loved it!

I love Jane's idea because it's easy to make!  Mark party food with these labels and your party will surely be a hit! 

Halloween Monster Toes Spring Roll aka Lumpia


Halloween Rice Maggots and Road Kill Chicken

Halloween Crime Scene Sandwich and Skeleton Bones Sandwich

Halloween Intestine Spaghetti or Brains and Eyeballs Spaghetti Meatball

Halloween Grave Yard Cupcakes

Halloween Flesh on Sticks BBQ

Halloween Bloody Fingernails Pastillas

Halloween Cookie Stand

Halloween Candy Tub

Halloween Brownies

Know of other workable food tags?  Hope you can share them with other moms by commenting here.   Booger Burgers, anyone?

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