Real Property Tax Deadline for QC is March 31, 2013

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Hi!  Just reminding everyone in QC area to pay your real property tax before March 31, 2013 to avail of discount and to avoid penalties.  We just paid ours this morning at 7am and the whole process just took 1.5 hours.  Discount on real property tax is applicable for annual payments only.  For Quezon City properties,  discount is 20%!  Discount and deadline VARIES PER CITY.  I understand deadline for other cities was January.


1.   Real Property Tax Receipt for your land and for the improvement (house). 2 receipts.

2.   Cash.   The real property tax to be paid is usually the same as last year's.  I am not sure if City Hall accepts checks.


Step 1:   Go to the assessment office in your local city hall. Upon entry,  you will be given a number and you just wait there till your number is called.

At the window,  show last year's real property tax receipts (2 - one for land and one for improvements).  Assessor will issue you their assessment for the year.  Cashier should return the original real property tax receipt to you and you should keep the original for your file.

Step 2:   Go to the payment area and pay the assessed tax.

Note:  Please verify with your local city hall the requirements and procedure according to your area.  It varies per area.


TheGoMom shares this information based on TheGoMom's actual experience as of date of post.  It is not meant to serve as nor claim to be a replacement of information of the government agency we have used for reference.


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