Schedule of Special Non-Holidays 2013

Collage of Different Holidays

Did my title confuse you?:-)  What I want to say in 4 words is I want to give you the schedule of the special days of the year that are not necessarily National Holidays but special days none the least.  In the Western part of the world they call it Flower Days because you have to supposedly give flowers on those days.  I call it Hallmark days.  Days created by Hallmark and restaurants to sell a card and a ton of other stuff.  Another part of me calls it Celebration days.  A day to celebrate and honor our loved ones, our God and why not?  even our dead.


Chinese New Year February 10, Sunday
Valentine's Day February 14, Thursday
Ash Wednesday February 13, Wednesday
Palm Sunday March 24, Sunday
Good Friday March 29, Friday
Easter Sunday March 31, Sunday
Mother's Day May 12, Sunday
Father's Day June 16, Sunday
Grandparent's Day September 8, Sunday
Halloween October 31, Thursday
Christmas Eve December 24, Tuesday










I didn't include Sweetest Days (puh - lease!), Bosses' Day and Secretary's Day but incase you are that thoughtful, which maybe I should be aspiring for, the dates are Oct 19 (Sat), Oct 16 (Wed) and April 24 (Wed) accordingly.


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