Tips in Applying for a Philippine Passport for a Minor

Last week I applied for a passport for my 16 month old and to renew my passport together with my 10 year old son.  It was relatively easy and we spent around 2 hours max in DFA along Roxas Boulevard.  Sharing with you some things I learned like Courtesy Lane for Minors etc.  Plus the procedures and estimated waiting times.  I believe that when you know what you are up against - it lessens the stress!  Hope you find it useful!

Procedure in Applying for a Passport (assuming you have an appointment):

Step 1:

Information Counter - They will verify if you have an appointment and give you your queue number for the Processing Area (15-30 mins).

Step 2:

Processing Area - They will check if your papers are complete and fix it in order. They will also let you choose the fees you prefer and bill you accordingly.  Fees are P 950 for regular processing time (15 working days) and P 1,200 for rush processing (7 working days).  (30 mins - 1 hour)

Step 3:

Cashier - Present the bill given by Processing Area and pay. (5-15 mins)

Step 4:

Encoding Section - your data will be encoded in the computer and you will have your photo taken. (30 mins-1.5 hours)

Step 5:

Courier - Avail of the option to have your passport delivered to you. Surrender your receipt to them since they will claim your passport for you.  In return,  they will give you a receipt and estimated date of delivery.  LBC Fee is P120/passport. (5-10 mins)

Other things you might want to know:

1.   Courtesy Lane for Minors, Seniors and Government Employees

There is a Courtesy Lane for Minors (aged 2 and below only according to the attendant).  By availing of the Courtesy Lane you will skip the queue of the Processing Section.

I know how hard it is to fill up a form with babies and a kid in tow because that's exactly what I had to do. So sharing here a printable Courtesy Lane form for you guys.  Click this to download form -> Philippine Passport Courtesy Lane Form

People who avail of the Courtesy Lane (maybe apart from Government Employees) automatically pay the rush processing fee of P 1,200 instead of the regular P 950.

I felt it was weird that Courtesy Lane has a price tag since a courtesy should be free.  A privilege extended to minors and seniors.  Oh well,  I was not willing to pay extra P750 (there is 3 of us applying) and besides the line was not that long.   So I ended up in the processing queue again.

2.   They will ask you in the Processing Section to photocopy some documents.  Verify if you really need to.  I had to wait 30 minutes for my    turn in the photocopy area only to be told in the Encoding Section that they don't need it!  Grrr!

3.   In the Encoding Section,  mention to the attendant releasing the queue numbers that you have a minor with you.   They will give you a special number (no need for courtesy lane pass).   Without this special accommodation, the queue could take 1-2 hours. With it, we just waited for 5 minutes and it was our turn to be encoded.

They said minors are 2 years old and below but I saw them give a special number to a maybe 5 year old kid.  So just try your luck.

3.    Ask to be dropped off at the side entrance and not in front.  The front gate is limited access.  Trivial concern but when it's raining and you have a baby and a kid with you and your car just went past the side entrance and you have to walk again back to the side it can be quite annoying.

Hope this helps:-)

P.S.  The above are estimated times based on my experience and maybe shorter or longer than stated.  Let me know your experience so I can enrich this post:-)  Also, above policies like Courtesy Lane, gate position etc.  may change so best to ask:-)

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  1. When we applied for my son’s passport, he was just around 4-5 months old. It was a breeze actually. Since we were with an infant, we were sort of given priority together with the senior citizens.

    • Thanks for your comment roxi:-) want to ask – did you still go through the courtesy lane and pay rush processing fee instead of regular fee? Thanks!

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