Vista Residences: The Rise of Student Condos

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When I was in College,  I stayed one semester in a dorm in UP Los Banos and consequently transferred to a house my friends and I rented.  Those days were fun and carefree beyond compare and I think it has shaped me to be a more independent person.  True to what parents think,  it was party time!  But parents, give the kids some credit, whatever values you have ingrained in the kids all these years cannot be thrown away over a semester or a year.  Yes, it did test my values as some friends dabbled in drugs but I knew drugs is a non-negotiable and I didn't take a single shot all through my 2 years in a UPLB (moved to UP Diliman after 2 ears).   I partied hard but I knew my parents value education and though I was sometimes a living zombie, I can't remember missing a class.

That said,  we parents can put some of our fears to rest, and entertain the idea of housing our kids in condominiums.

With the traffic unbearable and the curriculum more challenging,  considering the option of housing our kids in a condominium close to their school, becomes more and more practical.  This way, more time is spent in things that matter most - studying, honing extra curricular talents and nurturing physical and not virtual friendships.

Vista Residences,  is committed to providing students living spaces, close to their school.  Since 2005, Vista Residences has built and sold out 4 condominiums that are within walking distance or just across key Universities.  Today,  Vista Residences, owing to the success of the 4 initial condominiums, will be launching 5 more condominiums namely:   Vista GL Taft, Vista Heights in Legarda, Vista Brenthill in Baguio, Vista Katipunan in Quezon City the second project in the area and Vista Recto in Manila.  Apart from proximity to the school,  Vista Residences also addresses other equally important concerns like safety, food, laundry etc. in all of their properties.

Vista Residences university properties will come with an E-Library

Vista Residences university properties will come with an E-Library

Check out their university series properties at

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