Energize Me: 5 Ways to Energize your Day

Image from spinalive.ca

Image from spinalive.ca

I am not sure if it is the age, lack of sleep, or the endless pile of things to do that keeps me constantly tired these days.   And I am not used to this.  I am TheGoMom, hehe,  I should always be on the go!  But no!  I have tons of things to do.  I have a delightful toddler eagerly waiting for me to play with him.  I have 2 grade schoolers, who are home for the summer,  waiting for an activity for those electronic free mornings. Plus,  I have trouble sleeping.  I think of everything and anything.  Mundane things mostly, like would I bring the shark inflatable or the duck inflatable or both.  Those things,  keep me awake at night.  Plus, I am above 30!:-) And the age is creeping up on me.

I am currently searching for ways to keep my energy levels last me throughout the day.

Here are 5 consistent tips that popped out on the net to keep one energized.  Now, if only I could get around to doing it.

1.   Get a full breakfast.

Breakfast is the starting meal of the day.  What you take during that crucial meal will determine what will power you throughout the day.  Take a full one consisting of carbs (toast), a small serving of protein (egg) and a fruit.

2.   Follow the sleep cycle of 6, 7.5 or 9 hours of sleep.

This is new information for me.  Contrary to the adage of sleeping 8 hours a day,  according to an Ezine article and I verified in Wikipedia and WebMD,  our body sleeps in 90 minute cycles.  Therefore our sleeping hours should be divisible by 1.5 hours.  If you wake up in the middle of the sleep cycle,  your body will be asking you to complete the cycle all day long.

To get you to sleep,  you need to turn off electronics early.

Artificial light from electronic devices will inhibit the brain from releasing melatonin, the chemical necessary for sleep.  The body perceives that as long as there is light,  it is not yet time to sleep.

3.   Meditate and breathe.

Sometimes,  it is the myriad of things that cloud our minds that keep us tired.  I try to meditate once in awhile.  My max is 5 minutes - I will go crazy if I do it longer.  If you have tried it,  you would know how hard it is to free the mind:-)  it's nerve popping!  According to Life Hack,  taking deep breaths every so often restores balance and energy in our body.

4.   Exercise.

The only thing I do quite regularly.  Exercise releases endorphins,  a happy chemical to our brain to lift our mood.  It also increases the blood flow throughout our entire body, giving us overall energy.

Imagine if we have a poor circulatory system, the food and oxygen cannot be properly distributed in our body.  There are natural remedies to improve blood circulation like eating garlic and herbs like Gingko Biloba. Circulan,  a natural herbal medicine that promotes healthy blood circulation, encouraged me to try out their product and I am on the 4th day.  I am also eager to enjoy the positive effects that its users have been experiencing these past 13 years.

Circulan "Nasa dugo lang yan" ad

5.  My Personal Input.  Let go.  It's ok not to do everything.

The enormity of the things I have to do sometimes keeps me from embracing the day.  To counter that,  I make a realistic list of things I want to accomplish for the day, including exercise and playtime.  There is only one me and I need to keep it whole.

Disclaimer: TheGoMom sourced available information in the internet through the disclosed sources.  Please consult with your doctor if you are feeling constantly fatigued as this may indicate an underlying health problem.  TheGoMom has undergone a thorough medical examination to rule out thyroid and anemia,  a common cause of fatigue.

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post written by TheGoMom for Circulan.

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