Happy Mother’s Day 2013: Trapped Between a Scream and a Hug

A mommy2To my fellow moms out there who all deserve to be an Ulirang Ina Awardee, Happy Mother's Day!

I think all of us are great mothers.  We may not be ultra-mega ma-mothers who have the patience to talk it out with our kids, whom we have told to turn off the Ipad for the 20th time but we are great just the same.  We are great because we care,  we love and we are human.

We have the energy to go to work for the family while planning the next meal, doing the groceries, tutoring our kids, playing with them, being there for our husbandry, nurturing girl friendships and being up to date in the social network on the side.

We possess the Jekyll and Hyde personality to compose ourselves in between deep breathing to lovingly ask our kids for a favor, count slowly up to 10 and start a screaming match at 11. As writer Cathy Guisewite,  so rightly puts it "trapped between a scream and a hug."

We have probably done the grossest thing we will do in our lifetime.  Sucked colds out of our kids' nose.  Changed hundreds of diapers with sometimes greenish, yellowish or brownish stuff.  Washed our kids' butt with our bare hands after a poo session.  Taken a dump while all 3 kids are in the bathroom telling all sorts of stories, we begin to wonder what privacy means.

We have devoured every internet advice on how to make it right for our kids.  From things to enhance their brain so they can do algebra at 2 to how to parent while keeping your sanity.

We have the capacity to care so much we get a little bit too paranoid.  Up to now,  I'm paranoid in public bathrooms.  My 11 year old son insists on going to the men's bathroom and rightly so and I stand at the doorway constantly calling his name making sure he is safe from pedophiles.

We hold the title of being an OC, making sure all the bases are covered. Water jug check. Snacks check. Extra-shirt check. Tissue check. Wet ones check.  Mosquito repellant check. Their whole toy chest check.

We probably say the most "awww." As we hang on to every new word our baby says, we repeat the word and say "awww you know that already!"  As we watch our kid do his first bike ride, "awww big boy na."  As we receive their rudimentary but lovingly done art work, "awww it's so sweet."  As they tell us they love us, "awww I love you more."

We care, we love and we are human.   And we are great just like that.  Happy mother's day everyone!

With you in this Happy Chaos called Parenting!


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