Happy New Year 2014!

Image from www.themodestmomblog.com

Image from www.themodestmomblog.com

Happy New Year everyone!

How has your holidays been?  Mine was super-duper-busy and fun.  Like everyone,  I embrace and welcome 2014 with love and hope.

It was year 2013 when I have, after a long time, resumed making a New Year's resolution (more on why I resumed - here). To welcome 2014,  I got up at 5am December 31, 2013 and made my New Year's resolution, this time adding a year end review.

Adding the year-end review made me look back with gratefulness for what 2013 has brought to my family and I. I tried to cover all aspects that meant to me.  A year end review and goals for myself, my familial and spiritual relationships, my finances, my fitness, my family business all the way to my travels.

It was a novel. I made the entries succinct already free from my ramblings but it still stretched 5 pages long.  It was a good and liberating exercise.  It made me realize my strengths and acknowledge my weaknesses.  With it I face 2014 with goals that are gentler and kinder,  with a mind that is at peace and with a heart full of gratitude and love.

But if there is one thing that resounds in all my resolutions it is being PRESENT.  I want to be truly present in everything I do.  Sometimes,  in the busyness of work and kids and homemaking, I miss enjoying the present moment.  Forever tense, thinking of the next errand and ending up with half-baked results.  The kids are growing up fast (sniff, sniff) and I want to be present to enjoy them today not tomorrow.

2014. New Year.  New Beginnings.

Amidst the busyness of parenthood,  I wish that all of you will find your truest and purest joy this 2014.

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