#HealthisHappening Challenge Day 1: Breaking the Eternally on a Diet Mode

When every single Monday is Day 1 your never-ending dietYung tuwing Monday na lang is Day 1 of your eternal diet!  That is the story of my life.

I start the week right and end up losing it towards the end of the week.  With a height just barely 5 feet,  I'm at my heaviest in my current weight of 127 pounds on the scale.

I told myself I'll make this Monday different by taking up the #healthishappening challenge of #Unilab Foundation. Monday, October 20 is my Day 1, take 27 hahaha:-)   As my friend Lisa said, "Nag-one year anniversary na yang diet mo!"  I let out a large guffaw but in retrospect I know I have to make that commitment work.

For my 21 Day challenge #healthierPH, I vowed to exercise everyday!  No miss!  I also commit to watch what I am eating by cutting down on  to sugary drinks and eating in moderation.  I have tried those no carb diet, no sweets diet but they are just too impossible to keep up with.  I'll take the normal course this time by eating the right portions and stopping when I'm already full!

#Day 1 #Healthishappening #healthier PH

I placed myself on the Tanita Scale for my complete Body Composition.

Tanita Body Composition AnalyzerFor my #Day1, I ran 8.5km for an hour on the treadmill.  Woohoo!!!Treadmill reading

My friend Lisa,  a marathoner, shared me this wonderful tip ...

"To counter treadmill boredom and up your run routine, change your pace on a 5-4-3-2-1 minute increment.  In 30 minutes,  you have elevated your heart rate and managed to control boredom because you are always altering your speed."

Basically you start with a speed you are comfortable with and build from there.  I started with a speed of 7 on the treadmill, zero gradient.  I did that for 5 minutes, moved to 7.5 for 4 minutes and so on till I reach 9 which I do for a minute.  You continue on by going 1-2-3-4-5.  One minute on a speed of 9, 2 minutes at 8.5, 3 minutes at 8 and so on till you're back at 7.  End of 30 minutes! This routine has always worked for me.

For my #Day1 meals: B-hehe one slice of leftover lasagna (at least one lang instead of 2) L: beef bulalo, no rice   S: Hindi ako umabot, I had chips!  D: party pork and beans, 1/2 cup brown rice and a big serving of garlic kangkong.

Not bad for a Day#1!

Till the next day!   Excited to take this journey to fitness with #healthierPH.  How about you guys?  Hope you can join me in the challenge.  Remember,  malapit na ang pasko!  Daming picture taking plus we have to free up some space in the tummy for those delicious December treats!






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