Long Champs Le Pliage

Hubby just got back from Europe and asked him to buy several Long Champs Le Pliage bags for me and some to sell.  I have 2 of each color - 2 chocolate brown, 2 red, 2 navy blue and 2 black.

Its medium sized with long handle.  Price: 6.5k. Exclusive of delivery charges. Rustan's its 8,950.   Text me at 0917-742-3735.  I can e-mail you receipt as proof of purchase and proof of authenticity.



  1. do you still have the long handle long champ bags?

    • Hi ana! Thanks for your inquiry. Yes i still have the large long handle long champs bag. The color I have left is taupe. It’s a shade of brown. Sent you pm.

  2. Thanks to my friends karen, olive, dada and jane g and jane r – all 8 bag are sold out:) thanks for helping me out. enjoy your bags:)

  3. hi there! i want to get the navy blue and the red one! 🙂 very nice site that you have here. 🙂

    • hi olive! thanks super! ill send over navy blue and red to your house later. Thanks for liking the site. Hope you can share it with your mom friends and co-parents in school.

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