Mommy Resolution: #1 Disconnect to Connect

Screen shot 2014-01-10 at 8.31.36 AMJanuary, a clean slate, a fresh beginning.   It's going to be a great year for me and for everyone.  Everybody now - IT'S GOING TO BE A GREAT YEAR!

And while we are still at the fresh and hopeful January,  I invite you to check out the Mommy Resolution list of Green Cross' Mommy Pros.

The list is brief and yet tugs straight at the happy heart and tired toes of every mom.

As part of my being PRESENT resolution, one of Mommy Pros tip, disconnect to connect,  spoke to me loud and clear.

Gadgets has taken a considerable control over my life the past year.  FB has me checking in on everyone's status, Google has me clicking interesting links here and yahoo messages me on I-have-to-buy-this-deal there, and by the time I know it an hour or oh my! 2 hours of precious time has gone by.  "Ting" and I grab my phone and check the message.  Present activity disrupted, hand on phone, eyes on message, mind on note, train of thought interrupted, experience halted.  It is weird how an inanimate objects such as my laptop and cellphone has managed to occupy a large part of my life.

To disconnect, I have resolved:

1.   Gadget free Sundays. No peeking at FB, no browsing for deals, no last-minute-I-have-to-finish-this work sneaks. Sunday is family time!

2.   5:30pm alert on weekdays!  Turn off the computer.  No checking in on the phone for messages.  If it's important people will call.  No extensions, pass the paper.

3.   Delete FB app in the cellphone. I did it, just now as I write this but not before checking in on my notifications.  Arghhhh!  I just closed my eyes and clicked X.  I'm not sure how miserable and depressing life will be without FB on my phone,  I'll let you know in a few weeks time:-)

Mommy Resolution #1 Disconnect to connect.

Take more inspiration from Green Cross' Mommy Pros Mommy Resolution. Mull over what matters to you most.  Write that resolution.  Claim it!

Have a truly blessed New Year with stronger connections with the people who matter most.

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