Ateneo Exits yet Still Emerged Winners

ateneo basketball gameWin or lose, it's the school we choose ... Hindi man ako Atenista,  I feel your pain.

I have always felt closely entwined with Ateneo.  My brothers are true blue Ateneans.  I spent my pre-school to high school right beside Ateneo.  My first big crush is from Ateneo.  And my entire high school social life was with Ateneans.  Ironically though,  all my past relationships are with La Sallites and I married a La Sallite.

Anyway,  my affinity with Ateneo has never wavered.   Yesterday,  as I watched the Ateneo vs. UST game in Araneta center, I wore blue and cheered with the heart of a Blue Babble Battallion!  It was flashback time when the thunderous all too familiar drum beat of Ateneo echoed Araneta. I high fived with the college student beside me, at the back of me and my palms are still sore from all the clapping!

I have always been in awe of the Ateneans burning zeal for their alma mater.  And my highest respects are with these people who are a "Man for Others."   As they raised their clenched fists and move their raised arm to the beat of their Alma Mater song, in my heart I know,  being an Atenean makes them a winner all by themselves.

Blue Eagle Spelling ... Halikinu Kinikina Yeabo, Yeabo Ateno Rah!!!

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