Domain Name is Registered under Different Domain Extension: TheGoMom Goes Global

worldwide webA week ago I received an email from two companies based China informing me that another company, also based in China, has filed TheGoMom as their company brand name.  I replied by informing them that I have not authorized nor is giving permission to that company, or any other company to use the name TheGoMom.

They politely responded by saying that the company registered all the below (11) names and will push through with it unless I register all of it or unless TheGoMom has a trademark (TM). I don't have a TM.  I'm a housewife preparing meals and tutoring my kids! I tried going to GoDaddy to register it and tada most are registered already.  I researched a bit and it says that domain names can be registered by anyone as long as they don't carry the TM.  In short,  small companies without trademarks (who can afford trademarks? Nestle, P&G, Colgate etc.) can have their names grabbed by any domain extension they don't have registration for.  To date, as per Wiki Answers, there are 280 domain type extensions.

The internet is a very helpful, free but scary world.  I fumed and had sleepless nights over it but that's life.  I don't know how this would affect TheGoMom.  I guess they would appear first in Google's search engine because they obviously have more money to pay for search engine.  For those who know me already please just type in

In every situation,  my friend  said there is always a silver lining,  in this case the .COM, the mother of all domain extensions is mine:-)

With you in this Happy Chaos called Parenting!

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List of Domain Extension filed by the Chinese based company:


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