Happy New Year 2013!

a New Year 5

Happy New Year to everyone!

It has been years since I have drawn up a New Year's resolution.  Over the years I have trimmed down my New Year's resolution to New Month's Resolution to New Week to New Day.    I believe bite sized resolutions are easier to keep and is more positive, the time that lapsed doesn't stress me out as if there is a dragon breathing down my neck to achieve.   Instead, I looked forward to each day as a new day to make things better.

But I noticed that by doing this I have missed the bigger picture.  I am traversing every rock but missing the mountain.   Each step, yes, I took with initial vigor,  but as the days drew on the peak never came.  I may have been standing on the peak and not noticed!   In its place was daily simple joy (Ok, there are some off days. I don't live in Pleasantville.).  Not bad, true, but wouldn't it have been awesome if I was doing cartwheels of joy in the midst of the daily simple joys?  Lacking those solid, quantitative and qualitative resolutions written on ink (not just on computer),  I lost focus and was cleaning up, doing the menu of the week,  blogging, drawing up a business plan for the nth time and taking care of my kids - all in 5 mintues!  It was crazy!

Luckily, the One above is patient with me and has blessed me abundantly in 2012 despite my continuous downward gaze on the steps below.

This 2013,  I have drawn up my 2013 Goal  itemizing each aspiration in various aspects of my life - kids, husband, spirituality, fitness, time management, blogging, business even cooking - complete with dates and numbers.

Just writing it down,  makes me giddy with anticipation of what 2013 holds for me.  I am full of hope that it will be a good one.

Amidst the busyness of parenthood,  I wish that all of you will find your truest and purest joy this 2013.

Cheers to 2013!




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