Happy New Year 2016!

Happy-New-Year-20162015 has been chaotic for me. To-do lists hounded my days and I was always harassed, stressed and dead tired. Running after finishing one deadline after another. And it is not because I have so many things to do, it was because I was so disorganized and quite frankly, I was as slow as a snail on tranquilizer.

This 2016, the following quotes will guide my year.

Early-to-Bed-and-Early-to-Rise-Makes-a-Man-Healthy-Wealthy-and-WiseSleep is essential to me and when I don’t get enough rest, my whole body feels it and it functions on 1mb.

2015 had me sleeping late and waking up tired and stressed. I trudge through the day, brain half working causing me to produce what should have been a 2 hours worth of work to 5 or 6 hours! And because I lack sleep, I wasn’t a ray of sunshine to my little people. This year, I will try to hit the sack by 10pm and haul the kids to bed by 9:30pm.

Plan.-And-Stick-to-the-Plan2015 went by with to-do’s falling down my lap. In short, my to-do list was controlling me instead of me controlling my to-do-list. It was exhausting and really quite depressing.

This 2016, I’m writing down my goals and chunking it down to realistic, actionable to-do’s with timelines and hours that I need to spend on it.   The clock should be my ally reminding me to stick to my plan. A timer is essential to keep me focused. For instance, when I write a blog post, I have to put a 2 hour cap for writing and a one hour cap for finding photos. Therefore I can’t spend 2 hours finding inspiration on the net!

Finally, I end with my very own quote. I want to be kinder to myself and find balance. Read my full post about Balance here.

Quote about finding balanceWith the swirl of things happening around, it is essential to make a choice and . Did I plan and choose 4pm to be a time for my pre-schooler? If I did then I should not feel bad for the work left behind. Did I plan and choose to spend a few hours catching up with friends in FB? Then I should enjoy it.  Did I plan to work on accounting for the business today? Then I should feel accomplished. I’ll make a choice and find peace and joy in that choice. It’s alright, I made that choice.

New Year.  New Beginnings.

Amidst the busyness of parenthood,  I wish that all of us will find our truest and purest joy this 2016.

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