Sosy Taxi Driver

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I took the cab the other day because the non-color coding car is with my son.

Driver:  Where to Ma'm?

Thought Bubble:  Aba, inglesero si Manong.

After putting down the phone following a conversation with a friend on my recent trip to Hongkong.

Driver:  Did you go up Victoria Peak Ma'm?  I have been to Hongkong three times and that is the best place for me (in Hongkong).  But I liked Shanghai too.  Ang ganda!

Me:  Wow!  Hindi pa ako nakakapunta ng Shanghai.

After exchanging notes with him on where to go to Hongkong on my next visit.

Driver:  Ma'm sa EDSA Shangrila ba or Makati Shangrila, kasi sabi niyo Heat (overheard from my phone conversation) tapos Makati Shang, medyo nalito ako.

Thought Bubble:  You are the man, manong!!!!

Ride Happy!

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  1. Donna Ocon-Juezan says

    Sana nagpapa picture ka with Manong Taxi Driver. He thought maybe you’re a foreigner. You look like a chinita kasi.

    • Hi Donna! Haha oo nga I should have taken a photo with him. He is a really cool driver. I enjoyed the entire ride. Alam mo yung pagbaba mo ng taxi naka-smile, ako yun that day:-)

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