TheGoMom Favorite Quote #5

The important thing is not so much where we are, but in which direction we are movingLife changing quote.  I encountered it on the bulletin board in my daughter's school.  It struck me when I first read it, like love at first sight.  It lingered in my mind. I entertained it. I pondered on it. And finally, I accepted its grace.

It is so true and it is so powerful.

It has made me more tolerant and forgiving of myself and the people around me.  True,  I may have shouted and lost it with the kids a minute ago,  but the quote brings me back to what is important as I breathe out the past, apologize and start anew.   True,  I may have eaten a meal to rival a 7 footer football player's appetite but I can stop at one bite of dessert and say, "oops, you slipped, stop" and just like that I feel lighter not remorseful.

When my daughter came home weeks back, very scared, with a not desirable grade (I can be a tiger!),  I felt angry and sad, but I told my daughter, "Ok that was not a good grade but you didn't put effort in it.  Grade = effort. But that is the past, what is important is what we do about it."  My daughter's face lighted up and slowly but surely she is working teeny-weeny harder to beat her personal best.

My friend, Candice, noticed the quote at work.  She said there is something different in me which she can't put a finger at.

Even my toddler noticed it.  He accidentally spilled his milk, looked at me with fright in his eyes, as I exclaimed "It's ok that was an accident. It's done. Let's clean up. Be careful next time."  Ok it may sound like a scene from Pleasantville, and it does look surreal, even to me,   but yes,  I am capable of forgiveness haha:-)  My boy in full, confused awe said, "Wooow! you're not mad."

I still do get mad and snap at times, uhhh just like yesterday, but I bounce back to the direction I want to move.

Even to my helpers or our workers at the office,  if they make a mistake,  I just point out the mistake and tell them not to repeat it again, tell them the right thing to do and I end by saying "that's what is important."  It removes the ill feelings of being corrected/reprimanded, somehow.

It is amazing how the quote has opened up a new dimension of positivity, kindness and hope in me.

Let it linger in your mind. Entertain it. Ponder on it. And, finally, accept its grace.

Have a Blessed Week Ahead,









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