TheGoMom’s First TV Appearance

Louelle de Cordova, TheGoMom, Chef Madrigal and Jenny Fajardo

Louelle de Cordova, TheGoMom, Chef Madrigal and Jenny Fajardo

I'm happy to share with you that TheGoMom had its first ever TV appearance this morning at the Rise and Shine morning show at UNTV with Louella de Cordova and Jenny Fajardo.  They interviewed me on the pros and cons of tutoring your own kids at home.  I also shared some tips on making tutoring a little bit less stressful for both mom and child:-)

TheGoMom with Manny Pangyaw

On my way up to the studio, I was speechless when I saw Manny Pacquiao!!! I stopped for awhile, unsure who it was and started screaming OMG, OMG, OMG! Hands shaking, heart palpitating, voice 10 decibels higher. I hugged him, made beso (kiss) and had my picture taken several times.  When I recovered from my shock,  I shook his hands and told him I'm a fan and how happy and proud all Filipinos are of him.  I called my parents to check if they have time to come over to the studio to have the once in a lifetime chance to have their photo taken with the Pambansang Kamao.   They were busy and couldn't make it.  When I got to the studio,  I was still ecstatic and told everyone, "Go down, Manny Pacquiao is at the 2nd floor!"  No one was as excited as me.  And then one guest told me, "Relax,  he is Manny Pangyaw.  He is a TV host here at UNTV."  Huwhaaaaaat?!#@?!   I don't know whether to cry or laugh.  I laughed.

Thanks to Rise and Shine for the wonderful experience!  And to Manny Pangyaw for the momentary thrill.   It was hilarious!

Till the Next TheGoMom Adventure,

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