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Hi guys! How are you?  I'm sure nerves are wracked because of the quarterly tests.  Tomorrow is the last day of exam for my kids (now grade 9 and 7) and they can't wait for finals to be over.  I have turned them over to a tutor already at Bright Tomorrow* and my life has been stress free.  Hahaha:-)  So, this is the feeling of the kids coming home with homework and review done already.  No regrets tutoring my kids in their early years of grade school though.  It was a good form of bonding, through thick and thin talaga.  Apart from giving birth and the daily reminders to them that is making me crazy, tutoring them is my ultimate form of love.  Although they think it otherwise, haha:-)
First update,  yipeee!  the download issues have been fixed.  I would like to thank you for bearing with me when I was having technical problems with the worksheet menus and downloads.  They are all fixed now, thanks to the help of TheTechieMom, you're life a saver.  (Thanks to Pat of FancyGirl for referring).  Lesson learned there,  if it's not your forte, turn it over to an expert.  She fixed the bugs in an hour!  You should not be having any trouble downloading the worksheets anymore, especially the science worksheets.
Second update, worksheets with answer keys should be available before second quarter QT!  I know 100 years, right?  Worksheets with answer keys will be available for premium members.  But don't you worry, worksheets without answer keys will still be available to everyone for free!
Thirdly,  I would like to ask Instagram parents out there to please, por favor follow TheGoMom on Instagram.  Low tech as I maybe, I have discovered the joys of Instagram.  It's full of beautiful travel and food photos, wonderfully crafted quotes and fantastic finds and tips.     TheGoMom intends to utilize Instagram as another medium to provide you with relevant and mostly localized parenting adventures, family travel recos, useful tips and tons of relatable parenting posts that would hopefully make you say, "What?!? Me too!"  After all, hard yet fulfilling tasks like parenting are best shared with friends.
Hope to see more of you here at the TheGoMom site, TheGoMom Twitter, TheGoMom Facebook, TheGoMom Instagram.
With you in this Happy Chaos called Parenting,
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*Bright Tomorrow is a new tutorial center ran by a good friend together with her fellow co-parents.  They can be reached at 623-4934.  They are located at Unit 201 Samia Tower, 81 Xavier Residences, Xavier Street, Greenhills, San Juan.

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