Panghalip Pamatlig Panlunan at Pambagay

Bilugan ang panghalip pamatlig na naaayon sa pangungusap. (16 Items)

Mga Panghalip - Ito, Iyon, Iyan, Dito, Rito, Diyan, Riyan, Doon, Roon

Click here to print -> Panghalip Pamatlig – Panlunan at Pambagay

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  1. mariateresita says:

    for you, thanks so much, you help me a lot hirap na hirap ang anak ko sa panao at pamatlig nalilito po sya… ur examples its a big help for me and to my kidz….keep it up and again thanks you so much…. GOD BLESS AND MORE POWER….MOM tess of san juan…..

  2. Hi. I seem to be having the same problem as alao. I click on the download link and a new page opens but it remains blank. Thanks so much and more power to you!

  3. Hi! I’ve been trying to download the worksheets on panghalip pamatlig (and other related topics last week) but have been unsuccessful. I’m not sure why. Is it only me or some others are experiencing some difficulties? Can you please check? By the way, thanks! I have a gr3 boy as well and finds his filipino subject challenging. That’s why when I discovered your blog with filipino worksheets, I tried it right away (panghalip panao & pantukoy). The worksheets have really helped him. More power to your blog!

    • hi! i tried clicking on panghalip pamatlig and was able to download it. Kindly click panghalip pamatlig, you will be directed to new window and then underneath topic is an underlined download word. Please click on that. Hopefully that works. 73 people downloaded same topic already successfully:) Thanks also for finding my blog useful. Hope you can reco to your co-parents and friends:)

      • Hi, it’s me again. Tried clicking panghalip pamatlig but it just goes back to the same page. Tried clicking the download, it does open to another window showing the title of the worksheet but no underlined download word appears. Is there some format that my computer’s not recognizing because tried downloading a language worksheet and was successful? Download didn’t even appear in that worksheet.

        • hi! i’m so sorry. I’m not sure why you can’t download panghalip pamatlig. Quite a lot of people successfully downloaded it already. I tried e-mailing directly to your email address but the mail returned. If you like please e-mail me at so I will just reply to your mail and attach the file to the mail. thanks! and sorry for hassle.

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