Pangngalan Worksheet – Pantangi at Pambalana Worksheet (Set A)

Isulat ang katumbas na pangngalang pantangi o pambalana ng mga salita. (10 items)

Salungguhitan ang pangngalan sa pangungusap. Isulat ang PT sa kahon kung pantangi at PB kung pambalana. (9 items)

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Please click here to print -> Pangngalan - Pantangi at Pambalana (Set A)

Please click here to print -> Pangngalan - Pantangi at Pambalana (Set A) (same as above)

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  1. Thank you for these wonderful worksheets. You’ve been a big help to working moms like me…<3

    • Hi Regina! You are much welcome. I just posted the worksheets I made for my kids and I’m happy you find it helpful. I’m glad to help.

  2. Leni Macalalad says:

    it’s my first time to visit your amazing website….. your generosity and unselfishness will bless you a thousand folds… this is truly helpful for working moms who could hardly have time to prepare their own reviewers! Thank you so much :-))

  3. Thank you for these wonderful and helpful worksheets!

    Can you direct me to the link for Pangngalan-Pantangi at Pambalana Set A? I can’t seem to find it on this page. Thanks.

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