3 Ways to get your Kids to Talk about their School Day

sept 18

Several nights ago, when I asked my kids over dinner how their day was,  I learned that my son had a "Drug Abuse Talk"  in school, my daughter has renewed friendship with her on-off friend and my 3 year old has battled the evil forces of Zurg in school with his friend, Jacob.

The things they share over the course of dinner, keeps me updated and strengthens our mother-child bonds.  It is also a good starting point for worthy talks that would have otherwise been hard to bring up, like drug abuse talk or sex talk.

Not every child is as open though.  Some children when asked,  will brush it off with a "good" or an "ok."

Here are some ways I get them talking.

  • Ask specific questions.  Sure,  I begin with "How was your day today?"  And they would answer with an "ok" but I don't stop at that.  For my bigger kids, I asked them who they hung out with for lunch.  What they played at dismissal?  For my toddler,  I ask him about the new song he learned in school, the book they read,  the games they played..
  • Know their schedule.  I try to know their daily schedule.  I know what subjects they have for the day and ask them about the subjects. What did they use to dress up the back board at school for English? How was the mini-play in Social Studies?  How was the test in Math, was it hard or easy and why they found it so.  How was PE,  what did you do in PE?   For my toddler,  since I know the themes they are discussing in school, I ask what animals in the zoo he learned today.  What community helper is his favorite.  Did he meet letter J already?
  • Use Artwork and Take Home Papers as Conversation Starters.    Whenever my kids bring home an art work or take home writing compositions, test papers,  I use it to start conversations.  I ask my toddler what he drew, what is happening in his drawing.  While for my bigger kids,  I check their test paper and check where they made mistakes and try to process the mistakes with them.  Were they careless?  Or are they confused with the topic?
  • Lastly, I tell them about my day as well.  It's a conversation and each person gets to share about their day, that includes me and my husband. I tell them how my meeting with a client went,  the new flavor of ice cream I tried at the restaurant, etc.

When I get them talking with one question already,  I stop and listen.  As Parent's Choice said,  "A child gains confidence as she relates her day and you affirm her."

Parent's Choice wrote a very good article about Tips to get your Kids to Talk about Her School Day, that you can read here.

How about you how do you get your big kids or toddler to talk about their day?




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