5 Ways to Explain Regifting to your Kids

3 kids, 3 parties plus Christmas will bring in gifts and gifts galore.  I mean how many Nerf Mavericks can one have?  Or my daughter, who is nothing but girly disdains anything, well, girly.  So those adorable Barbies with wings she will never use, but would surely make another girl happy,  would be decided as a regift.

Since they are a bit older and could understand already,  they help in the process of sorting out gifts to be kept and gifts to be regifted. There is some haggling but the process teaches a life lesson they can keep forever.

1. Be thankful for the gift.  Each gift is special because the person took their time to pick out something for them.  And more than the gift,  it is the presence of the person who made their birthday extra happy.   The gift is only secondary.

Or if it is a Christmas gift,  it is the friendship that is more important and the gift is a simple token of their friendship.

The giver is more important than the gift.

2.   Be content with what you have.

I usually reason out with them that they have to be happy with what they have. If they already have an acrylic paint set,  they cannot hang onto the new one unless the old one is already used up or broken.

Contentment should rule over greed.

3.   Live a simple, uncluttered life.

Sometimes my kids will try to bargain with me and say they want to keep a toy as back-up.  I usually don't agree to this, reasoning out that they should only keep what they need.  I tell them we only have limited space and we want to keep it neat and tidy.  How can we keep it neat if there are a lot of things?  Then I go on to tell them about the snake they found in Mr. Hoarders house:-)

If you do not use it or need it, it needs to go.

4.   Be generous.  If they already have a similar toy and will most likely not use it,  it is better to give it to someone who will appreciate it more.  It teaches them to share their blessings with a friend or better yet to the less fortunate.

Be generous with your blessings.

5.   Giving with purpose.  It teaches them to give gifts people will truly like.  In the process of sorting, they would already say a name of friend who would be happy to have it.  It helps them think of another person apart from themselves.

Hope these tips help you walk your kids through the delicate art of Regifting:-)

P.S.  Do mention to your kids that though we are doing this process,  it is still not polite to announce to the other person that what she is receiving is a regift.  Tell them it is not yet that socially acceptable but mommy believes it is ok.

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