5 Ways to Get Kids Ready for Back-to-School


When was the last time you got excited with school opening?   It's been a long time in our household.

For the past few summers including this one,  March is usually spent relishing no school, April is packed with summer sports / art activities while May is packed with out of towns.  No matter how long the summer break is,  everybody is doing a D-day countdown to school opening.  And D-day countdowns are not good.

My son's school starts in a week and we are still in vacay mode. The recommended time for getting kids psyched for back-to-school is at least 2 weeks. Time to do some major cheerleading to make the kids ready for back to school.

1.   Sleep early.  Clocks in our house become invisible during summer.  Time to put it on visible mode and be stern in keeping that 9pm lights out routine.

2.   Wake up early.  Yes,  they would argue they want to enjoy their last few days of sleeping in late and yeah you would want to do the same, but imagine the horror   on the first few days.

The shift cannot be sudden, thus the 2 week lead time before back to school.  Each day, start adjusting sleeping time  and wake up time earlier by 15 minutes each day till you get to your desired wake up time.

3.   Involve them in shopping for school supplies etc.   My kids gets excited shopping for new school shoes, bag, notebooks, ballpens even locker locks! They are excited to show off school stuff they personally chose.

4.    Try to bring them and pick them up on school on the first day or first few days.  This matters to my kids.  This is my support to them on those first few days when they are getting the hang of school.  Knowing that a familiar face will be there to pick them up after school eases the anxiety beginnings sometimes brings.

If bringing them and picking them up from school is not possible,  try to revolve dinner time conversation to how the first day went for your kid.

5.   Lastly, be excited too.  If they can see your excitement and positive attitude, hopefully they will catch on.  Kids are very sensitive and they sometimes just mirror our own emotions.  I have to do some prepping on my end as I brace myself for another year of waking up early and tutoring.  On the positive end,  I love the routine and schedule school brings back to our otherwise summer of chaos. As for the kids, the new school year lets our kids rekindle old friendships,  brings in new friends and new learnings.

Also,  start of the school year ushers in a clean slate for everyone.  Try a little bit of goal setting with the kids.  If last school year always had everyone cramming, maybe this year you can get the kids suggest on ways to avoid it.  Please keep posted for TheGoMom's School Goal Setting post.

TheGoMom wishes kids, parents and teachers a GREAT SCHOOL YEAR AHEAD!:-)

With you in this Happy Chaos called Parenting!

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