Advantages of a Huge Age Gap Between Kids

BabyMarch 1 was a very special day for us. It was the 2nd birthday of the little bundle that gives our family so much joy.

It is amazing how much happiness he has added to our family. My older kids are aged 11 and 9 and that makes the age gap between my middle child and youngest child at 7 years.  As most people would say, "It's like may panganay ka ulit. (It's like having a first child again.)"  And that is exactly what it is.

Counting the many blessings of having a first child experience the second time around ...

1.   I have seen a vomit and I have experienced a fever.  I know when he falls, he will just stand back up.  I know that in due time he will learn his ABC's.  I know that the terrible 2's is inevitable and that it too shall pass.  Having been through 2 makes me a more relaxed parent.  I am able to enjoy my new baby more sans the new parent paranoia.

2.   The excitement and anticipation of having another one, after many years, is as great as the first.   And the thrill is shared with my 2 kids.  Hearing their shrieks and seeing their eyes glow when we brought back the baby from the hospital is priceless.

3.   As I see my 2 elder kids,  I realize time flies by as fast as lightning.  And I pause more often to relish each moment, for I know cannot bring it back anymore.  Surprisingly,  I became more tolerant of my elder kids too as I realize each stage brings their own quirks and that they too will just whiz by it.

4.   I feel young-er.  A lot of people associate young kids with young mothers.  And young, I am.

5.   My elder kids, ready to assume their roles as "achi" and "ahiya," became more responsible.  I marvel at the huge amount of love they show their little brother.  They would hesitate, but would eventually drop a mine craft video game for him.  My daughter, who is very, very hard to wake up in the morning, would wake up without a grudge with just a tug when it's little brother waking her up.

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6.   I act young-er.  Back to singing nursery rhymes, reading toddler books, grocery field trips and floor play makes me reconnect once more to the child in me.

7.   I have eager helping hands.  Achi assumes the teacher role and doting sister while my elder son makes sure he is always safe and acts as his PE coach.

8.   Learning is easier with elder siblings around.  My baby is a sponge and he has all too willing siblings to teach him new words, new games and a few naughtiness on the side.   Bragging aside, I think the vocabulary of my 2 year old is impeccable.

Lastly,  contrary to popular belief that wide age gap siblings are not that close,  I see my kids closer than ever.  They think collectively on ways to entertain their baby brother.  On my end,  growing up with a brother 10 years younger,  I didn't feel that gap too.

Beyond doubt,  baby rearing is sweeter and easier the second time around.



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