Bakasyon Na 2013!!!

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Bakasyon na kami!!!!!!!  Welcoming summer 2013 with relief, excitement and dread!  Relief.  At last no more waking up early in the morning with the kids.  No more tense moments of studying for tests.  Excitement.  Excited for the 3 beach trips and Japan trip our family is scheduled to have this summer.  Excited that my brother based in Canada will be home, ergo the packed summer:-)  Dread.  Dread over the days when there is no activity and the kids are stuck home with all the electronics! Dread of establishing a routine where there is none.

We have a whole summer, approximately 70 days of no school!  And we parents have to keep our sanity by keeping the kids out of the house.  Joke:-)

Hope you keep TheGoMom company this exciting and looong summer of 2013.  I will release an updated list of my summer activity guide categorized according to activity - with over 250 choices indicating company that gives out the class, telephone number and location - you will surely find one for your little kiddo.  I will post places to go to with the family weekly.  And on May,  if I reach at least 50 people per grade level to sign up for my One a Day in May worksheets I will post it.  Last year,  ang dami nag sign up 2!  So I had to cancel the project:-)

Again,  hope to see you here at TheGoMom this summer:-)

Wishing all of you the happiest summer of all!


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