Boys to Men #KidsGrowUpSoFast

kid riding an rvThe school of my son recently held a parents orientation for boys who would soon be attending the 6 week trip out of town.

The activity is already available for his grade level and every other year thereafter.

Teachers, facilitators and parents who had their sons attend the activity are all raving about it.  I am too.  It's going to be a great adventure for him.  But just not yet. Hehe ako ang may separation anxiety and not my son.  Everybody agrees and says, "You will be surprised.  You see them leaving as boys and coming back as young men."

I got a bit teary eyed when I heard that,  I'm not yet ready for him to come back as a young man. I'll take that extra 2 years and relish him as a boy.

Holding on to What is Left of my Kid's Childhood,

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