Celebrating the Amoy Araw of Yesterday and Today!

Importance of Play

Stated as one of a child's rights is the right to play. And so we let them.  But the dynamics of play in this wired world of ours gives us parents the responsibility to have a more active role in creating an environment for play.  Dati, kapag sinabing summer, ahhh,  patintero na yan, agawan base, taguan.  In fact, "amoy araw" is coined for the generation of kids who basked and reveled in the warmth of the sun.  Those were the days!

Today, with the unbearable heat and the addictive lure of electronic game pads, kids have simply, gasp!,  forgotten how to play.  I think it is a pity that play, one of the most natural things to do,  has been stifled because of electronics.

My kids are a testament to that.  When I remove electronics, I have to suggest activities on what they should do instead.  In my neurotic, self-absorbed mind I think "problema ko pa ba yan?!?"  And sadly, it is.

And so I embrace with my entire being the advocacy of Johnson's Baby in encouraging active play among kids.

Last March 29, they strengthened their ties once again to the advocacy of play by launching yet another brilliant product for our kids (for me their no tears shampoo is a life saver!).  This time they introduced Johnson's Baby Active Fresh.

Johnson's Baby Active Fresh LaunchDi ba one of our concerns, OC moms that we are, is that they smell "amoy araw" after playing in the sun?  Johnson's Baby Active Fresh contains the first-ever sweat activated fragrance capsules that burst upon contact with sweat!  Oh, ha revolutionary!

My kids and I tried the product and it really worked!!!

My kids and I tried the product and it really worked!!!

Habang mas pinapawisan, mas bumabango!

The launch is actually what got me into processing the active role I should take in creating an environment of play for my kids.  Kuya Bodgie, of Batibot fame, interviewed child star Camille Pratts on her memories of childhood and she said her fondest memories are that of play.  It is mine, too.  And I'm determined for my kids to have that, too.  And if they need me to be there for them to create that memory, I will try my best to give it to them.

Johnson's got me started with my play agenda by opening its doors to the first ever Shadow Playground.

Image from Rochelle Rivera

Image from Rochelle Rivera

It is unique because it makes use of the sun to cast shadow games where children can play. And as the sun moves, the games change! My daughter and I braved the sun and gamely played all the courses.  Yes, we were sweaty,  but we smelled good.  Yes, it was hot but we had fun!

The First and only shadow playground in the Philippines.

The First and only shadow playground in the Philippines.

The Johnson’s Baby Active Fresh Playground,  designed for kids 3-7 years old and their parents, is located at the Market! Market! Playzone, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.  It is open to the public within mall hours and will be there until end of April.  Try it!  Your kids will enjoy, and of course pag enjoy ang kids, enjoy din si mommy.  Together, let us celebrate the amoy araw of yesterday and today!

Disclosure:  Thanks to Johnson's Baby Active Fresh for sponsoring this post.  Thanks also for this wonderful play advocacy.  For more play ideas with your kids, visit Johnson's Baby FB page.

Play Happy!

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