Deluge in a Toy Store

Have you ever been deluged by a swarm of sales staff in a toy store? "Anong hanap mam? Para sa ilang taon? (What are you looking for? For how old?)" they go.   I was buying a bump and go toy car for my crawling 8 month old in Toys R Us and oh men!  the sales staff were all over me like I was the last drop of water in a desert!  I think there were about 7 of them,  all holding their products in my face (literally)! each explaining the function of their toy.  I was overwhelmed and yeah stressed!!!  I mean give me a break I want to take a leisurely pick for my baby but nah-ah they won't give me that.  They were all busy sales talking and some were busy removing their products from the boxes already to do the demo.  Hayayay!  I had to take a deep breath and jokingly told them "I can't breathe there's too many of you."     I then politely told them I want to go choose on my own and I will call on them if I need help.   They backed-off a bit but they were still hovering around me, carefully checking where my eye lands on and what I will eventually touch. Grrr!

Where is this coming from?  Toy Kingdom and SM does not do that anymore, thank you!  I just had to ask a timid saleslady why they have to hound clients.  First,  they are not direct hires of Toys R Us - they are hired by the company distributing the toy.  Translation,  their objective is not to help you find the right toy for your kid but to sell the toy their company distributes. Secondly,  she said the company hired them as a saleslady and so that is what they are programmed to do. Sell, sell and sell.  I understand their plight but as for me I shop more when left alone. So, please give me space.


  1. I know what you mean. I usually want to quietly walk around a store, concentrating on what to buy. I’d choose timid sales persons over those that swarm to me like bees.

  2. I agree! When I go to a mall, while checking some things out, I sigh with relief when there’s no saleslady following me. Freedom! When one appears, I suddenly turn and walk away . . .

    • Hi jing! Same here! Weird they don’t see that they are actually pushing customers away instead of drawing them to buy with their tactics … Hehe maybe I should cc the stores with my post:-)

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