Desitin Diaper Rash Cream: Happy to Find Desitin Back in Manila

Desitin now in Manila

Once in a while we all have Happy Finds.  It may be products, food, restaurants, books that we have just discovered or re-discovered.  This section of TheGoMom is dedicated to those Happy Finds I have.  This post is not sponsored.

I was truly, truly happy when I found that S&R now carries Desitin!   My first 2 kids, now aged 11 and 9, are Desitin babies.  We relied on that to keep those diaper rashes at bay and they are extremely effective.  So, when I went to Mercury to get the cream for my new baby,  I had to ask the attendant to check his computers several times when he told me that Desitin has been discontinued!  Hu-why?!?   They gave me PediaDerm which is quite equally good and thick.

But old memories plus it is really a good product made me reach out for the 2 pack large Desitin pack yesterday.  Happy Purchase. Happy Find.

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