Diet Shift: How do you deal with it? (A question not a solution)

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Summer is here and that means kids are home.  Happy and scared, much?  Of course,  I am happy that school is done and everyone can kick back and relax a bit but then reality dawns - the kids are home 24/7!  Dan-dan-dan-dan (sound effect of an imminent shark attack).

Aside from the whole day that they are home I have to deal with drafting a menu plan for 3 meals a day excluding the afternoon merienda (snack).   Imagine thinking of 21 meals, week after week, with the very limited and not so healthy food choices they oh so love.  And then they whine why the food is always the same??? Ha-ha-how?  Once I asked my daughter to list down her favorite, sure to eat foods and she came up with a measly list of 15 items.  With all the calm I can muster, I tell her, "Ok, S, it is about time you know.  Mommy is not a magician. I can't make the 84 meals in a month from a list of 15 without repeating the food!"

I don't know how, where and at exactly what point in my kids' life did they lose their healthy eating habit.  When they were in their infancy and well up to a certain part of their toddlerhood their food fare consisted of something more colorful - greens, oranges and yellows.  Now we are down to shades of brown and red.  Fried chicken, hotdogs, bacon, chips.

Before you shoot me down.  I try.  I really try.  I know they need to have a balanced meal with the five food groups well represented on their daily food fare.  I know they need those nutrients for proper growth and development.  So on good days,  I put my foot down and say you eat whatever is on the table.  And they would,  3-5 bites maybe. On too-tired-to-argue days,  I just ask them to check the ref for whatever leftover item they want and ask "ate" to heat it.  I think this is when the diet shift crept its ugly head into my kids' life.

This summer,  hopefully with time on my side,  I can try to add 10 more items, colorful this time, to my daughters list.  I'll document my conquests and failures:-) Hopefully, more of the former.

Did you also experience an unhealthy diet shift in your kids?  Everybody knows misery loves company.  Please tell me I'm not the only one.  And please,  please share the magic tricks you have up your sleeve to make a delightful, battle free yet balanced meal for your kids.  Thanks!










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