Epic Fail Packer

Image from clubmom.ca

Image from clubmom.ca

Yesterday my daughter and her schoolmates celebrated the start of summer with a swimming party.  I thought I would pack all her stuff to ensure nothing is forgotten.  Super mommy mode, on.  I'm bringing my 2 year old along so the packing is enough to cover a one week stay in the pool!  I brought sun block, goggles, 2 changes of clothes, inflatable shark, inflatable duck and all other beach toys even if it is a swimming pool.  And I missed one very important thing - her swimsuit!   Grabehhh!  Senior moment fiasco.  You can just imagine the whining I got from my all too vocal daughter.  Luckily,  Robinson's Magnolia is a bit near, plus there was a surprisingly nice swimsuit on sale for P500.  Epic Fail Mother Packer made it through the day, once more:-)

P.S.  This post is dedicated to my dear friend Abby who had a field day laughing at my looong list of motherhood fiascos yesterday:-)  Till our next chikahan!

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