Epidurals in Pregnancy and Memory Loss, Fact or Fiction?

My memory gap is getting worst!  99% of the time I do a roll call!  Back when I had 2 kids  I would roll call the two.  So if their names were Joaquin and Luisa.  I would call them both even if I just want to call one.  Or sometimes midway through calling their name, I realize I was calling the other and would say JoaLu.  I'm calling Luisa.  And if I say LuJoa I'm calling Joaquin.  I don't know what tripped in my brain during my three epidurals but somehow that part of the brain got severed big time!   Now that I have 3,  I just call all their names and end with the person I was calling. Or sometimes, even end up calling our dog!  Disaster!

Apart from my infamous roll call of not only our kids but also our helpers (thank God I only have one husband so don't roll call that!), I too always end up completely forgetting what I was supposed to get in, say, the kitchen.  And, a long string of other senior moment fiascos.

It's pretty disconcerting to come to terms with this memory loss issue of mine since well, uhmm,  I'm still young!

So, I googled to check if there is any truth to this and most of all to find someone else to blame other than myself.  Oh my!  This connection is not known in the US and the topic spun a long thread with people finding the link hilarious.  According to medical experts on the web,  epidurals are not known to cause long term memory loss.  TripDataBase in UK wrote "We searched the Specialist Libraries for Women's Health, and Surgery, Theatres and Anesthesia as well as the TRIP and Medline databases but found no guidelines or studies suggesting epidural analgesia during labor is associated with long term memory loss."

Despite knowing this I still think there is some link to pregnancy and memory loss.  My 76 year old father's memory is impeccable compared to my 66 year old mom.

Some attribute the memory loss to lack of sleep of women with kids.  I attribute it to the myriad list of things we have to do which all fall into the urgent and important box.

On the days I let the quadrant , urgent and important, slip a bit,  I notice I can pin the name to the face.  I also heavily, heavily rely on my phone that lists my things to do and appointments to keep.

Unfortunately,  it cannot help me remember what I was supposed to get in the kitchen! LOL!

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  1. Xy-za Escobar says

    Hi, Lilian!
    I have been very forgetful after giving birth. I was also administered with epidural anesthesia. I thought it was temporary, but it has been 4 years and i feel like it’s getting worse!

    • Hi Xy-za! I’m not sure nga if it has a correlation to our epidural but according to the brief internet research I did they are not correlated. We moms are just really stressed out with all the responsibilities we have. Husbands can focus on work while we have work, kids, housekeeping, friendships to keep and so much more:-) there’s just too much I think:-)

  2. I have so many of these episodes (3 cesarians to date) it’s horrible, I also roll-call, sometimes I call the kids the name of our dog too! A few times I enter a room only to forget what I set out to do and even forget people completely.

  3. informative, thanks!

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