Facebook Envy: Parenting in the Social Media Age

Don't let posts define your joyAs a mother in the digital age, parenting is much easier. Hundreds of websites are dedicated to helping parent children, with easy solutions on how to get kids to brush their teeth to help on how to deal with stubbornness. However, it has also reared the green-eyed monster in me and I guess in some parents as well.  It is sad but I do admit I feel a pang, ok a wave, of envy when I see Facebook posts of friend's whose life is filled with those to die for travel photos while I'm stuck at home. Or when I see posts of kids who excel in academics or sports while I struggle with getting my kids to even do homework! Or when I see undying declarations of love while my husband, who doesn't have an FB account, would just fix the rust in our gate.

I click "like" and I really, really do like it. Promise! I'm happy for the parent and the kid. But deep inside I think to myself, why isn't that happening to me? I begin to feel a teeny bit unhappy and discontent seeps in. I begin to question my parenting skills, my kid's talents, my husband's love, my own abilities and the spiral just goes down from there.

And there on a Mother's day, when I would have been happy with our usual simple lunch but instead I was feeling a bit depressed because I didn't get the flowers, nor ate at a fancy restaurant let alone receive a simple letter from my kids, Boom! I turned off my FB notification in my mobile phone. I stopped feeding the monster with constant feeds. After a few weeks, I deleted my FB from my mobile phone. Now, I just turn to my FB newsfeed once in awhile through my laptop.  And because I don't feed the monster as much,  it's not as ugly as it used to be.  And as a great, great bonus, I have more time to focus on the 4 year old boy tugging on my shorts. And we play.

Facebook will no longer define my joy. I will.

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  1. what a very honest post! and i completely relate with you. 🙂

    thanks for sharing, and stay beautiful & inspiring!

    • Hi Mandy! Good to know I’m not the only suffering from Facebook envy:-) All the social media, if we let it get to our heads can disturb our inner peace haha:-) Checked out your blog too. I’m not crafty, my daughter is so you can imagine that no box goes to the trash in our house. Keep on crafting and writing Crafty Mom!:-)

  2. cheyenne dawn says

    amen to this

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