Getting the Most of the PTC

Since I have made a career out of motherhood, PTC is one thing I have never missed (well, once). On my first few PTC's I barely knew what to say - the objective was to let the teacher know that I'm the mother of my boy/girl and that I care. I think the teachers make a mental note of who cares to come and would now take a second look at my child next time for participation;)

But as the years passed, I have learned that I should prepare myself for the PTC. Taking note of the lessons that the kids are currently doing and which area we could improve on. For example, in Filipino, I discovered that I don't have to make new words other than the ones in the book and words that are commonly used. My kids are challenged in their Filipino so that was quite a relief to know.

My daughter who is in grade 1 is not yet trained in copying her assignments completely and the teacher suggested a buddy mom to check assignments from time to time.

In Chinese, I found out what I like. The kids are not only expected to memorize word per word. They should understand the sentence and the teacher will ask them about the sentence in several ways to check if sentence was understood.

PTC also gives me a chance to commend teachers who keep the kids looking forward to school and give feedback to those who don't, subtly of course:)

In the end, it is an important and useful tool to make life easier for everyone - the teacher, my kids and myself.

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