Gulliver’s Travel in 3-D, not


In correct 3-D this should have me blown over, it didn't.


The whole family watched the Gulliver's Travel in 3-D last weekend and it was quite amusing but lacked the effects I expected from such an enthralling adventure movie. Jack Black was funny and the way the Lilliputians tried to stage their own version of Guitar Hero and Star War's movie for him was hilarious. But with such a gargantuan plot, I felt the movie was just ordinary - imagine if James Cameron had his hand on this - then the movie would match the epic story it is supposed to be.  In short, I felt the movie did not do enough justice to such a classic story. I expected to be transported to another world like Avatar, Harry Potter or Narnia but it fell short.   In fairness, it is a comedy movie so my expectations are way off.

One more thing, don't watch it in 3-D. I'm not sure why they claim it to be 3-D. There is no 3-D experience at all. With 3-D movies that delivered, they made sure some parts of the movie involved the viewer feeling like they were going to be hit or stepped on - there was no part of this sort. It is just a 2-D movie. It's a good thing, Ice Age had a short clip in the preview - that was the only time I experienced 3-D that night. So, save that additional P200 for 3-D and just watch it in a regular movie house or at home.

On the upside, it did amuse the whole family (me included).  Plus the kids laughed a lot.   That's what matters.  Still worth your 85 minutes:) Enjoy!

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