I have outgrown Jack’s Beanstalk!

I have forgotten to post a blog I did about how I felt and looked 5 months preggy.  The title of the blog was supposed to be growing faster than Jack's Beanstalk.  Now a month to go before my due date,  I have definitely outgrown the beanstalk!

The barely 5 feet me has ballooned to a hefty 155 pound momma!  My back is killing me and I pant at the slightest activity.  Well, no one is to blame but me - I love to eat, I know when to stop, but don't.     And so here I am at home,  hibernating and writing this blog.  The past few times I went out are to do errands and attend non-negotiable family gatherings.

I have carefully avoided high school reunions which are getting frequent.  I steer clear of any activity which would include picture taking upon picture taking, magnifying my nose which has grown in epic proportions.

Vanity has crept in my life at the wrong time.  How I look is usually farthest from my concerns.   And of course, pregnancy has never ever become me.  And so I bang my head on the wall and tell myself get over it girl!

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