Baby Name: Importance of a Name

I never realized a name could hold such importance until I named the baby in my tummy. Prior to my giving my baby a name he was an acquaintance. Someone who has taken residence in my tummy and will on March 2012 be my child. Guilt sometimes creep up to me as I go on with the pregnancy carrying an acquaintance instead of someone dear and beloved. But when I gave him a name, we became mother and child. He became a person I say hello to and say ooh -- (sorry just can't share the name yet) that was a hard kick.

Even my kids now fondly talk to him with much tenderness and familiarity than just calling him baby. Giving him a name made him more real to me.  I talked to him, laugh at his kicks ... things I don't usually do to just "baby".     It made such a significant impact on the rest of my pregnancy as I eagerly await the coming of my little __________:)

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