Kids Grow Up So Fast #1

kids' muddy shoes

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I picked up my son from his play date yesterday at 10pm!!!! Oh my gas, Abelgas! It looks like this is the start of those late nights of my tweener.
Thankfully, when I asked him what he and his friends did, he said they played basketball, soccer, hide and seek and LOL (League of Legends). Bata pa din, whew!:-)
I always tell my kids, it's ok to play and have tons of fun. They have years and years of being an adult, there is no need to rush it.
So when my 10 year old daughter came home with her shoes all muddy (she said the true mark of adventure is dirty shoes) and I was about to run my tirade, I exhaled,  smiled and gave her a big hug.

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Relishing my Kids as Kids,
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