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Money flows like water when I'm in the mall with the kids around. Aside from the lunch or dinner expense the food incidentals alone can ring up to almost a thousand if left unmonitored.  A frozen yoghurt here, a french fries there and the must have Candy Corner now and the budget has gone berserk.

My 10 year old son suggested we give them a mall allowance.  The mall allowance will be spent on food incidentals such as above and can be saved to buy a toy in the future.  We usually buy kids' toys for a reason (birthday or honor prize) and so the rest of the year is toy dearth save for those occasions (as if! they have tons of toys!).

Last Sunday, after much haggling, we gave the kids P200 each.  They rushed to Candy Corner, and this time, they didn't just point what they want, they checked the price.  "How much is this?" my daughter coyly asked while pointing to a P200 candy that barks expensive packaging!  We stayed longer than usual, as they calculated and re-calculated, how big a dent each candy would make on their P200 allowance.  My son, true to his Mr. Saver make,  chose a P15 lolli-gum instead of the usual 150 grams of gummy worms.  My daughter,  who believes money is there to be spent, chose a P120 tape gum.  And proceeded to buy another inflatable ball at the toy store!  She saved P0.25:(

My son,  a frozen yoghurt fan, passed for a serving for the first time in world wide history!  I guess kids could still not get the concept of  "Mom and Dad's money is yours too"  as much as my husband cannot understand my - "What is mine is mine and what is yours is ours"- motto.

I would say I am quite pleased with the turn out.  They appreciate the power of ownership and hopefully will learn to save in the process.  Now,  I just have to teach my daughter that money doesn't spoil when kept:-)


  1. Nice idea mom! 🙂

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