Maternity Requirements – Philhealth, SSS, NSO

A few weeks before the delivery date,  my ever fastidious husbandry,  has already asked his office to fill up and sign the Phil Health form required from employers and have his Member's Data Record ready.  Make sure your husband has already made you his dependent prior to giving birth.

We were happy to find out that this time, if you deliver in a Philhealth accredited hospital, the Philhealth benefits are automatically deducted from your bill.  No more reimbursing or waiting for the check.  In Medical City, where I gave birth,  a Philhealth officer even came to our room to help us facilitate forms.

Since I delivered through a CS they deducted almost Php 19,000 on our hospital bill.  As for normal deliveries,  benefit is standardized at Php 6,500.

You will  need to accomplish the following forms:

PhilHealth_ClaimForm1 -(to be accomplished and signed by member and employer)

PhilHealth_ClaimForm2 -(to be accomplished and signed by hospital)

PhilHealth_ClaimForm3 - (to be accomplished and signed by physician/doctor)

As for SSS, I have long discontinued payment and so didn't get any benefit.  Had I continued, SSS would have provided me a  daily cash allowance of  100 per cent my average daily salary credit multiplied by 60 days for normal delivery or miscarriage, 78 days for caesarean section delivery. Php 30,000 (normal and miscarriage) and Php 39,000 (c-section) being the maximum benefit computed according to your contribution.

For detailed information on SSS maternity benefits, click SSS Maternity Benefit Part 1 and SSS Maternity Benefit Part 2. What is important to remember with SSS, is that you have to inform your employer or SSS about your pregnancy within 60 days of conception but not later than the date  (underline: new input as of 5/3/2013) of delivery by accomplishing SSS Form Mat 1 and by submitting proof of pregnancy.   Failure to observe the rule on notification may result to the denial of the maternity claim.

After you have given birth,  submit your maternity reimbursement form from SSS (to your employer  or to the nearest SSS branch) and the required supporting documents.

For Birth Certificate,  hospital will ask you/ husband to fill up and sign the form.  Make sure to bring your copy of your NSO certified marriage certificate.  Hospital will be the one to process submission of form and should be ready in a month at the hospital's local city hall.

Disclaimer:  TheGoMom just accounted my experience with Phil-health and SSS.  Please refer to Phil-health and SSS rules and guidelines for more accuracy.  Or better yet,  call them or your HR for clarification.  Thank you.


  1. Hi Good afternoon,

    Question lang po may last sss contribution is about 2013
    And now 2016 i am 6months pregnant pwde pa po ba ma ihabol mag file nang maternity leave at ilang months po ang dapat kong hulugan para ma cover up before ako manganak

    • Hi Laarnhi! Sorry for the late reply. I just retrieved my comments now. Hehe syempre nanganak ka na by this time. Hope the pregnancy was easy:-) Nakahabol ka ba ng filing sa SSS? Hindi kasi ako sure kung pwede.

  2. I’m the husband and I already made my spouse as dependent. Question is, do I have to fill up CF1 forms for Phil Health or she should be the one? And the 2 & 3 forms would be coming from the hospital or should we give it to them? This is our first baby and I would not be present on the day of her giving birth because im an ofw. This really is making me into panic mode. Any advice

  3. Romelia R. Madronio says

    hi i gave birth last dec. 8, 2014 hindi ko nagamit ang philhealth ko pwede ko parin ba maavail yung maternity benefit ko? thanks.

    • Hi Romelia! I’m so sorry I’m not sure kung pwede pa. I’ll see if I can interview someone from SSS to answer FAQ of maternity benefit. Once I have that scheduled I’ll give you an email so I can reply to you. Meantime, best for you to go to the nearest SSS to inquire about it. Good luck:-)

  4. mary ann israel says

    hi good morning,, itatanung ko lng poh kong agad rin poh bang makukuha ang mga benefits dito sa sss kasi po this is my first time. and first baby ko poh ksi bali 6 months plng siya sa tiyan ko .. kong mabilis lng poh ba ang prosesi. at kong pwdi poh ba ipadala sa email ko ang mga list of requirements so para di poh kami maantala. kasi lalo na di po nmin alam ang kakailanganin namin dto… maraming salamt po

    • Hi Mary Ann! If I’m not mistaken parang mga 2 months ang processing nung nag claim ako. Sa ospital na-process yung claim. May help desk ang philhealth at sss sa ospital at sila ang magbibigay sayo ng form. Magtanong din ako sa SSS tapos share ko sayo. Thanks!

  5. Hi,

    I just had a miscarriage last June 15, 2014. I submitted the docs already but our HR was not that knowledgeable thus she told me that I only need to submit only Mat 1 that was June 25, but then come July 25, she emailed me again asking to submit my Mat 2 and now I am still waiting for the claim. Anyhow, I would like to ask the time frame for the releasing and approving for the claim?

    • Hi Eunice. I’m so sorry to hear about your miscarriage:( I had a miscarriage too in 2008, but 3 years after I got pregnant again and I now have a healthy baby boy:-) Re time from for release of claim, we got ours in a month’s time. Best to follow up with SSS to make sure the paper is moving. Just go to SSS satellite office with your claim stub/number (ask this for your employer) for easy reference. And then get their phone number so next time you can follow up your claim thru phone. Good luck!

  6. hi, i had an operation last November 22 because I had an ectopic pregnany, and my right fallopian tube was removed because It was ruptured. I completed submitting all my Docs that includes MAT1 and 2 with my EMPLOYER, my supervisor and HR had given me 60 days for ML, I reported at work January 22, 2014. and i checked on my advancement maternity benefit. HR sais that the papers are still in SSS MAKATI. (WHAT) YES its been two months and not able to receive the sss mat advancement. Now last week of January I claimed my SSS MAT1 and 2 with 78 days ML approved by medico legal and signed DEcEMBEr 10, 2013. My employer did not give me the 78 days ML. what action shall I do, i want it to be credited with my leave, so i made an absences during the days covered with my 78 days and the company terminated me for this reason. ABSENCES, what about my 78 days? of the REMAINING 18 days? no justice and answers for this…. and now I had submitted this with NLRC. national labor relations commision. I need your opinion with this case. thanks!!!

    • Hi Junahbe. I am not really familiar how SSS determines how much maternity leave is credited for ectopic pregnancies. But when I checked the SSS website, it says “The maternity benefit is equivalent to 100 per cent of the member’s average daily salary credit multiplied by 60 days for normal delivery or miscarriage, 78 days for caesarean section delivery.” I think SSS qualified you for the 78 days like a CS. Maybe you can go visit the SSS website by clicking this link – it’s all about computing SSS maternity benefits. Hope this helps and good luck!

  7. leann lee says

    hi..i am inactive sss member since 2008, expected due date on october i pay 3 months contribution to qualify for maternity benefits..should i submit first MATERNITY NOTIFICATION? THANK YOU

    • Hi leann! I am not too sure how it would work if you have been an inactive SSS member. Maybe you can call SSS directly or you could drop by any SSS branch:-) I think the latter would work better. I tried calling SSS for you but it was always busy.

  8. jgenilla says


    I just want to clarify if this statement is correct:

    What is important to remember with SSS, is that you have to inform your employer or SSS about your pregnancy within 60 days of conception by accomplishing SSS Form Mat 1 and by submitting proof of pregnancy.

    As the the SSS Maternity Notification form says:
    A member shall submit the Maternity Notification to her employer, if employed, or to the SSS branch nearest her residence, if separatedfrom employment/self-employed/voluntary/OFW/non-working spouse, at least sixty (60) days from the date of conception but not later than the date of delivery.


    • Hi Jevy! Thanks for your input. I have included your valuable input in the post. Please follow the SSS Maternity Notification form. I just narrated my experience with SSS and Phil-health, kindly refer to their current rules and guidelines or please coordinate with them for more accuracy. Thanks! All the best to you and your baby:-)

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