Pag-asa Weather

"Sabi ng Pag-asa walang pasok kasi maaraw na eh." That was the running joke when I was still in grade school and sad to say that is still the joke now that I have kids in grade school.

Yesterday's typhoon "Basyang" came in close to midnight of July 13 and only passed Metro Manila for maybe 6hours. But to the happiness, glee, exuberance (their joy cannot be put into words everytime no school is declared) of the kids, the sunny day of July 14 was declared as signal number 2, hence no classes.

It's sad though that after 20 years nothing much has changed in forecasting our weather conditions. Pag-asa says its because of the equipment and brain drain - with experienced forecasters leaving for greener pastures. True and sad.

I hope when my grandkids come it will be a better story, after all, it's not called Pag-asa for nothing.

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