Return of the Small Round Toys

Don't you find it so convenient that small round toys crop up during the Christmas season.  3 years ago,  my son and his friends had to have every Bakugan in the world.   I really don't understand, how engaging  a round ball that opens up when rolled can be.  But, silly me,   I still went with the craze and it became the gift to give and receive.   Cases had to be bought to store those little round things!  Come January, the interest has waned.  So I learned my lesson,  if try as I might I can't understand the value of the toy I will skip it.

Image fr bakugan-games and e-bay

Christmas last year,  saw yet another return of the small round toy this time in the form of the Bey Blade.  At least this is a bit of an upgrade because the boys can employ a little bit of skill playing it.   They have to know proper timing and can mix and match bey blade parts to make it stronger.   This time my son had to have Aquila,LDrago, Rock, an indoor stadium, a portable stadium etc.  It found its way at the top of the Christmas wish list!

Now,  although it does not have a spot in the Christmas wish list (my son is into Nerf and RC's now)  as the previous 2,  my son still beams with happiness when he receives the tada!  Gogo's!  Another small roundish toy, that uh what???  you snap to make the opponent fall.

I really have to hand it to the toy manufacturers and distributors,  they know the way to our boys hearts and our wallets;)



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