School Activities You Shouldn’t Miss

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Face lights up.  Eyes twinkle.  A gleeful shriek of "mommy you're here!"  Tight hug.  Yup, that's what I get whenever I pick up my kids, especially my daughter, from school.  I don't usually pick up them up because I can't stand the horrendous traffic plus the long wait at the Chinese tutor.  So the occasional sight of me during dismissal brings them such a wave of joy.

I knew graduation couldn't be the only school activity we shouldn't miss.  Sharing with you three other school activities I think we shouldn't miss.  Activities that bring our kids joy, warm our hearts and help us get to know our dear kids better.

1.   Pick up from school.

Try it once in awhile and you will be rewarded seeing your kids' face beam when they see you.  Plus you get to meet all the friends they    tell you about during dinner - funny Asia, adventurous Dara plus a whisper pointing to the class bully Petra.  Of course,  sometimes I don't     know if it's me or my wallet they are excited to see because they immediately drag me to the canteen or  worst the bookstore after the hug:-)

2.   Family Day / Mother and Kid / Father and Kid Day

Other people think this is just an activity full of corny juvenile games and it is.  But awaken the child in you and you will be surprised that you had a fun exhilarating time!

My husband and son had a good time doing a complex obstacle course and always recall that experience with delight.

3.   PTC

The kids are in school most of the time and I want to know how they are thriving in that environment.  I know sometimes, it seems pointless since teachers have redundant or generic answers like "your child is shy" or the opposite "your child is friendly" but some teachers can offer an extra insight.

It also communicates to my child that I care and I'm interested to know her world.  When she tells me Ms. de Leon cracked a joke I can put a face to the name and I become more engaged in the conversation.

School is an integral part of my child's life and it is inevitable I get involved in it.  For more parenting tips visit Seriously Fun Moms.  It is a community of mothers so you get tips straight from the horse's mouth! Be one of the horses!:-)


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