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Did that make you smile? I love smiling. Sometimes, when I'm not in my sunny best, I try to fake my way to happy by smiling. A huge wide smile that sets crinkles up my eyes then catapults back to my heart and mind.   It's my instant upper!

Smiling is actually a trait inherent to us Filipinos. No wonder we were dubbed as the "Smiling Nation." We smile and laugh our hearts out like silly. And we smile despite difficulties. It is truly endearing how we show our resilience with the way we smile.

Smiling while covering mouth

Notice however that after a few minutes though from the initial call to smile, we also begin to get conscious and try to hide our smile by covering our mouth. You see it happening when reporters interview the regular Juan and Juana, flash a beaming wide smile, followed by a cover of the mouth.   Make a Manang in the market smile with a joke, flash smile, followed again by a hand covering the mouth.

It turns out, we Filipinos have underlying oral health issues. Either we think our teeth are not perfect or worst, we have bad breath! We need to address that concern by taking the right step to oral care.   We start by of course brushing our teeth regularly, finding the right toothpaste and using the right toothbrush to clean our teeth and make our breath fresh. And when it comes to toothbrush we trust brands that invests heavily on research and development to provide the best technology in oral care. Oral B has taken toothbrushes to a new level with Oral B's Pro-health Cross Action toothbrush!

Oral-B Prohealth 7 Benefits

  • It has crisscross bristles that removes up to 99% of plaque in hard to reach areas.
  • Helps improve gum health in four weeks by reducing gingivitis
  • Provides up to 55% better cleaning along the gum line*
  • Removes surface stains and polishes teeth
  • Removes odor-causing germs from the tongue
  • Stimulates gums
  • Works gently on enamel and gums

As parents, our children mimic the proper care and attention we devote to our oral care. And we start with the most basic tool of all, a good toothbrush.

Let us build a nation that smiles in full confidence and adopt a good oral hygiene regimen.

Smile and shine! #SmilePilipinas

Disclosure: Thanks to Oral B for sponsoring this post and coming up with a revolutionary toothbrush:-)

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