Smitten by Tangled

It has been years since I watched a Disney Princess-inspired movie that has swept me off my feet. Back in the early 1990's giants like Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Alladin, Lion King and Mulan kept on coming year after year. And then the hiatus (sorry, I don't think Princess Frog came close).

Tangled, a Brothers Grimm story of Rapunzel with a twist, is a modern-classic worth watching, again and again. It has all the elements to make it a giant like its 1990 predecessors. It has a beautiful, strong, witty heroine, a funny leading man and side kick, adventure packed, humor filled, endearing plot, a scene that will transport you to a land of enchantment and a soundtrack that is pretty good.

In this princess musical,  Rapunzel's hair possesses the power of healing and the fountain of youth.  So the wicked witch whisked her away to a hidden castle and raised her as her very own daughter in order to enjoy eternal youth.  Unlike other heroines, she didn't mope all day at the castle, instead busied herself with arts, baking etc.  But she kept her dream of being able to see what lies beyond someday.  By a stroke of fate,  Eugene the sassy town thief ended up in the castle.  And that's when her adventure begins.

I particularly liked the part when Rapunzel was faced with dilemma of whether to leave the castle and disobey her supposed "mother" or to pursue her dream of seeing the lanterns.  It is a neurosis our little girls would soon be facing if we tighten our reins too much. My daughter and I loved it when the lanterns illuminated the skies and reached out to get our own lanterns (we watched it in 3-D).

Re 3-D aspect of the movie,  I was so entranced with the movie it kinda swept by me.  But there were some instances that my daughter and I shrieked when the water burst and held out our hands to get a flower and some lanterns.  I think it wouldn't have made much difference if I watched in 2-D,  but it made it a bit more magical - so I say go for 3-D!

At the end of the movie,  my girl asked me what is the lesson of the story,  and I must say it is believing and pursuing your dream.  A little far fetched maybe for a girl of 7, but something worth keeping close to her heart and mine.

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