Summer Rules! Summer Rules 2013: Electronics Free Mornings

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First Minecraft on the Ipad.  Then Gumball and Phineas on TV.  Then Y8 on the computer.  Back to Minecraft.  Then it's night time.

It is astonishing how kids can enter into the world of electronics and let the day go by without the sunshine hitting their faces.  And what is more startling is their explosive irritable state whenever they are disrupted from their all too precious "play time."  Mortified with this inactivity,  I asked them to keep mornings free from all electronics.

It has been 3 weeks since close of school and it has been 3 weeks that they are happily electronics free till 12noon.  No they don't read a book nor do they play outside.  They twiddle their thumbs, in desperate moments they rock in the corner waiting for the clock to hit 12 noon!  Unbelievable!!!

When I laid down the electronics free morning rule to them I was met with an ear piercing, "Nooooooo!!!"  I then went on my tirade of what electronics does to their brains and body. I reason out that mornings are pretty short.  My other summer rule is for everyone to be up at least by 9am.  My son wakes up before 8 so he has the longer twiddling time.  At least with the rule,  they take a leisurely breakfast,  play with their baby brother plus bath and tooth brush time is done at this time too so as not to waste precious moments with their boxes.  Three weeks into summer now and into the rule,  they have at times,  knock on wood,  done an artwork, tinkered with their Lego,  and oh my magpa-pa-pista ako read a book!

It's not perfect and ideal,  it's not as if they do something very productive in those electronic free mornings,  but if there is one thing they learn from the rule it is patience.  And patience is good enough for me.

Side Note:  I am part of a group pushing for active play in kids.  Hope you can ask your kids to submit an original active play idea.  That way,  when we ask them to play they don't I groan and throw the question back at us "What do we play?"  Details of the active play advocacy here - Game for Kids by Kids.  Really do hope we can come together for this.  You might have to bribe your kid to come up with a play idea like me and my friend Lisa,  but in the end it is for our kids.  Hope to hear your kids' active play idea soon:-)



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