Teaching my Child to Swallow a Capsule / Pill

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I thought yesterday would be a good day to let my 10 year old boy give swallowing a vitamin capsule his first try.  Oh men,  I underestimated the difficulty of the task.

First he wanted me to demonstrate how to swallow.  I tried but you see opening your mouth for demonstration is quite impossible.  So I told him to curl your tounge up to push it down.  So, the entire stage was set,  the whole family was cheering him, a full glass of iced tea ready to wash the capsule down.

It took awhile to cajole him to finally open his mouth and put it on his tounge and several minutes again of discussion to finally wash it down with the drink.  Finally he drank the whole glass of iced tea and we were all clapping in glee. When I asked him where the capsule was he smiled, opened his mouth and tada the it was still there!

We were all laughing until I told him to get back down to business again.  This time he would not even agree to put it back in again.  Enter daddy,  he placed the capsule in with some ice cream and asked him to swallow the ice cream together with the it.  He swallowed the ice cream, drank another glass of iced tea and you guessed it, the capsule was still there!

He was tasting the bitterness of the capsule already and was near tears so we decided to give this gargantuan task a rest.

Later that day,  I researched in my favorite parenting website www.babycenter.com and found I am not alone in the struggle!  My there is even a pill swallowing class at NYU Child Study Center!

According to Meredith Goodwin's article at babycenter there is a difference in style in taking a pill vs a capsule.

For a pill -  First, have your child take a mouthful of water and hold it in her mouth. Then have her look up at the ceiling as you sneak the "pill" in through the corner of her mouth. (The candy — like a real pill — is dense and will sink to the back of her mouth.) Then have her swallow the water in a big gulp while still looking at the ceiling. The pill will go down first.

With capsules (which float), you do just the opposite: Have your child look down at the floor instead of up at the ceiling while you slip the capsule into her mouth. Have her swallow while still looking at the floor. The capsule should float to the back of her mouth and roll down her throat with the water.

Several mothers said the best trick is putting it on yoghurt or ice cream (hooray for daddy!) and one mother commented practicing on Tic Tac's which worked very well for his son.  My son loves Tic Tac's so will give this a try.  Till our next pill adventure!

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