VitaPops: Vitamin C in Pop Rock Format

Feeding vitamins to my children is quite a chore since I have to force them to take it hmm, well, every night lang naman.  So I was so happy when I discovered new forms of kid friendly vitamins in the market.

There are the chewables, the gummies but what totally rocks literally and figuratively is the newly launched Vitapops, a Vitamin C in pop rock format, from Unilab.

Unilab sent me a sample and my kids loved it!  It is in candy granule format that crackles as it dissolves in your mouth.  The granules contain Carbon Dioxide which produce gas when it comes into contact with your saliva making that fizzing, popping sound.

It is yummy and fun to eat, ergo, kids love it!  In fact, the problem is they want to consume more than the recommended daily dosage of 2 sachets:-)

Here is the lowdown on Vitapops:

Content:  50mg of Vitamin C (Since it is sodium ascorbate, it is non-acidic so it can be consumed even on an empty stomach)

Sugar Level:  Before you scream candy format,  it contains only 1/5 the amount of sugar found in regular Vitamin C.

Directions for Use:  Empty granules inside your mouth and let it crackle until completes dissolved.

Dosage:  1-2 sachets a day for kids 7-12 years old

Packaging:  It comes in a 50mg sachet so it is easy to bring along.

Price: P10/sachet

And because it comes in candy tempting format I had to ask the Unilab people what happens if my child eats more than the reco dosage?  Well,  it will affect the pancreas haha just kidding!  Vitamin C is water soluble so anything in excess will just be excreted through pee:-)

Let the kiddos try Vitapops,  believe me,  they will kiss you for it!

Posing with VitaPops Brand Ambassadors Donita Rose and Daphne Osena-Paez

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