Wee Kids Fun App Review: Challenge your Kids’ Spatial Skills

Wee Kids Fun App Review

Since we can't seem to separate kids from their gadgets,  TheGoMom will review some worth-to-spend-kids'-time-in apps that are fun yet will tickle, if not challenge, our kids' young brains.

What is it?

Wee Kids Fun is a 2-in-1 app for kids that includes a sticker app and a puzzle app.  The sticker app, for kids ages 3-6, contains "stickers" that you stick onto the correct shadow.  While the puzzle app, for kids ages 5 - 8, contains colorful jigsaw puzzles.

What can kids get from it?

The sticker app will challenge our kids to be more observant and harness their shape recognition skills.  The app starts at an easy level where the "stickers" can be easily matched with their shadows.  The pages are fun and interesting for kids and the animal stickers even emits its innate sound.  Example, the frog croaks when tapped.

The difficult level, which challenged even my 9 year old daughter, has "stickers" of the same object with slight variations.  Players must be sharp-eyed to find the correct match.  Where is the tail of the dinosaur pointing to?  Is the girl holding a lance?  It uses your kids' spatial skills which is the ability to understand problems involving physical spaces as you determine the orientation of objects.

The puzzle app, on one hand, improves our kids' cognitive skills as it teaches them problem solving and reasoning skills.  According to Hub Pages,  puzzles help kids see whole-part relationships and increases their visual spatial awareness.

How to play it?

Sticker App:

The app starts at an easy level where kids just drag the "sticker object" to the correct shadow.  At the more difficult level,  kids will still drag the sticker to the correct shadow while being mindful of the fine details.

Wee Kids Sticker App Review

After 5 pages/rounds,  kids are rewarded with a speed game where they are asked to match the object to at least 10 shadows in at least 45 seconds.

Wee Kids Sticker App Review

Puzzle App:

The app starts by showing you the complete picture of the puzzle before it breaks apart into pieces with one blank space.  Tap on a piece and it will move to the blank space.  Tap until your desired piece is on its proper place.   If your child needs to see the complete picture again,  just tap on the eye at the lower right corner of the page.  Puzzle app comes in 9, 12 and 16 piece puzzles.

Wee Kids Puzzle App Review

Both the sticker and puzzle app come in attractive designs to keep kids interested.


Wee Kids Fun is a very good app for kids as the level of difficulty of each round engages them to try and solve the next pages.  The design of the pages are very kid friendly, bright and fun, and the task of sticker matching and puzzle solving builds their spatial and problem solving skills.

A nice buy for $1.99 at the Apple App store!  While there, you might want to check out other apps by Ebooks-Kids, developer of Wee Kids Fun.  Enjoy!

With you in this Happy Chaos called Parenting!

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